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Orange County_Biohazard_Cleanup_Ask_Button.gifOrange County_Biohazard_Cleanup_GOOGLE_Button.gifOrange County_Biohazard_Cleanup_YAHOO!_Button.gif Free enterprise in Orange County's biohazard cleanup no longer exists. It's the same throughout the United States. Our county governments' employees created their own monopoly. What next? See for my current activities. SSG Eddie Evans, Retired


Affordable biohazard cleanup services became a "calling" for me when I learned that local coroner, local medical examiner, and local public guardians cheat victims' families. Orange County's Families need affordable blood cleanup, not a county employee biohazard cleanup racket .

These so-called civil servants send families to corrupt biohazard cleanup companies; in return, these companies send money to these families. As a result, our county and city employees (a tiny fraction) now behave like real estate sale people, known to give a "finders fee" for real estate prospects. Now biohazard cleanup prospects (the dead's families) created by homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths with decomposition issues serve like cash cows. Served up for their exchange value by government employees.

As a result of the above, this leads to my calling it a crime scene cleanup effort in broad terms. You will find more about city and county employee cronyism at my Orange County Orange County crime scene cleanup web page.

I'm Eddie Evans and I answer my telephone at all hours on all days for . I clean throughout California and I'm usually much less expensive then the county and city referred companies. They give kickbacks for your business . This fraud against victims families has spread nationwide. I know I'm redundant. My redundancy occurs as time passes; I add to my pages without checking to look for redundancies; I have hundreds of web sites related to infectious waste cleanup in general.

I have 14 years in the biohazard cleanup business. I do homicide, suicide, unattended deaths with decomposition, and feces cleanup.

I charge less than companies referred by city or county employees. These civil servants receive a kickback for your business. This type of consumer fraud has grown nationwide. As a result I added feces cleanup to my business.


Baby boomers need to deal with bloody situations when their parents die unattended, which happens frequently enough. Our United States culture has always valued individualism and the freedom we enjoy. Death befalls upon many when we live alone. Many times we leave a hospital after a short stay; we don't care so much for hospitals. We prefer to die at home among our pets and belongings.

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I try to offer useful information for those readers with an interest in biohazards. See my menu because I add to it as time passes. I direct my focus on biohazards as they apply to human blood and other fluid products of human physiology. Information here about unattended deaths, suicide, and homicides follow information available at the Center for Disease Control and many science publications.

I've cleaned after biohazards involving human blood solo for the near 14 years of my business experience. I pride myself on owning my own business (Biosafe) and doing my own work. Sometimes I bring in my wife on weekends for simple ("Molly Maid) cleaning. Sometimes I bring a friend along to help with lifting and moving he's helped when I was sick; I do what I call "tier 3 and "tier 2" cleaning at such times.

I do not cleanup blood or bioihazards in Cypress, my home city. You figure it out. I'm well ranked on the Internet.

Labeling the progression of a biohazard cleanup job helps to communicate to others where I am at and the number of hours that may remain. I usually complete a biohazard cleanup following an unattended death in about 4 to 6 hours. Perhaps this is why my fees remain lower than the other guys. Besides, I do the cleaning myself.

Blood cleanup usually consists of blood in any one or more of the following biohazardous conditions::

  1. wet blood
  2. moist blood
  3. dry flaky blood
  4. Blood release from compressed objects

1Wet Blood

Blood remains wet following homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths depending upon a number of variables (conditions). To remain wet for a prolonged period of time, blood must remain in a cool, damp environment; blood that seeps underneath linoleum floor covering and migrates across a wood floor or an former vinyl floor covering may remain moist for well over a week. For this occurrence to develop the room needs to remain free of drafts, sunlight, and forced air heating.

As a result of wet blood's prolonged period of "incubation," it harbors a power stench. This powerful fragrance will test the experience of the hardiest biohazard cleanup practitioners.

It's extremely important to keep in mind that any type of sharps (carpet cutting tools, knives, broken glass, razor blades, syringes, and more) become very dangerous when working with wet or moist blood.

2Moist Blood

Wet blood usually become moist in short order. It still poses a serious threat of bloodborne pathogen injection for the biohazard cleanup practitioner. Just like wet blood, the dangers remain. We should expect to find at least moist blood where wet blood migrates; moist blood migrates too, but under the strongest gravitational conditions, like down an elevator shaft or from one apartment floor to another via heating and air conditioning ducts.

I chased blood from a well polished wood floor about 3 feet to a closet seam in the floor; from here the wet blood flowed down or dripped to heating and air conditioning ducts over the ceiling below where it slowly dripped. Remaining wet, this blood made a puddle on the surface of the ceiling (the posterior side of the room below ceiling).

From it's new perch it slowly oozed through the ceiling and dripped onto a bed below. There it soiled a bed spread before finally coagulating into a certified blood contamination. I'm sure that other blood cleanup practitioners have similar and greater tales to tell.

3Dry Flaky Blood

The hazards of dry flaky blood arise because of its ability to become airborne, which I've witnessed first-hand.

A puddle of wet blood oozed between a bathroom wall, toilet, and held in place by a floor' uneven surface (not uncommon in older hotels, especially in Long Beach, California and the notorious Skid Row Housing District) allow for a deep, dry flaky blood condition; drop a quarter from waist high into such setting and it rises as if a volcano has released pumice; in fact, on first appearance, deep, dry flaky blood gives the appearance of volcanic rock and will sup rise the novice when discovering that it's blood powder.

4Blood Release from Compressed Objects

Near-dry poop containing blood qualifies for a biohazard cleanup, however inconsequential. Of course we must remain practical before calling out the biohazard squad.

Did I say, "feminine napkins, Kotex" and if I did keep in mind that when squeezed they do release blood. Just the same, for the sake of moving forward with life we do not consider this object as a biohazards. Just the same, keep in mind that it does qualify as infectious given the conditions.

Other objects that death cleanup throws at us include blood soiled cotton in furniture and mattresses. Carpet padding often contains moist blood and wet blood at the same time, depending on conditions. It's not always apparent when an object contains blood when reducing (taking apart) furniture and carpet with padding.

Of course cleaning sponges qualify as biohazardous objects when blood squeezes out. It's better not to use a sponge for heavy blood removal.

Affordable Biohazard Cleanup

Why is it that we cannot find affordable biohazard cleanup companies?

Affordable biohazard cleanup companies in the first case require adding a biohazard cleanup company like my own. Unfortunately for our nation's citizens our local governments have destroyed what we call free enterprise in the affordable biohazard cleanup industry. Had our city and county employees (a tiny percentage of them) not destroyed free enterprise in the affordable biohazard cleanup service, we would find it easy to locate affordable biohazard cleanup companies when doing Internet searches. Try and see what I mean

Work your way down the California State Trauma Scene Practitioners list and see how many trauma scene companies actually answer the telephone. Few at best because the independent, free enterprise biohazard companies went out of business in the class struggle with government and crony biohazard companies.


Whose Biohazard Cleanup Company Serves Citizens Best?

This is because of the many family-owned carpet cleaning and water cleanup restoration companies, moving into biohazard cleanup promised a lucrative add-on to their cleaning business. After all, carpet cleaners and water damage restoration cleaners know the business of cleaning as well if not better than anyone. Who would be better informed and better trained to offer affordable biohazard cleanup services than the carpet cleaning or water cleanup company?

But no, where there is a profit and that has homeowners insurance behind it, it doesn't matter if it's a lowlife criminal or a city or county employee, they can control a monopoly over affordable biohazard cleanup and destroyed to create biohazard cleanup empires. And that's exactly what's happened. City and County civil servants have destroyed affordable biohazard cleanup and replaced it with a biohazard cleanup monopoly in every county across the country as best as I can tell. Watch Ebola cleanup as time passes. You know who's doing that cleanup?


Ebola cleanup companies will come from crony partners in government is not owned by government employees, government employees will see to it that so cleaning contracts are awarded to these companies as they are today for blood cleanup following automobile accidents at County and city intersections and on city and county property. These are the companies that churn out tens of thousands of dollars for County and city and employs

These biohazard cleanup companies cleanup after homicide, suicide, and unattended deaths with employees. Not company owner's like carpet cleaning companies owned by their own cleaners. Like my affordable biohazard cleanup company.


Family Biohazard Cleanup Information

Most often blood cleanup requires common sense. We call it biohazard cleanup cleanup because the Center for Disease controls says that human blood now constitutes a biohazard. Although we do not consider feminine napkins in high school or college women's restrooms as biohazards. You can see the ambiguity created for public health and pragmatic reasons in this use of "biohazard."

Usually blood cleanup entails certain skills, abilities, and knowledge to be done correctly and safely. For small and affordable biohazard cleanup needs, try the key words affordable blood cleanup kits on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Affordable kits for workplace injuries should be used by bloodborne certified employees if employees do the blood cleanup.

Bloodborne pathogen training found on line for about $20 with the same keywords also qualifies the certified employee to do biohazard cleanup in general. Families may wish to clean after traumatic blood losses in their own home. They too would do well by visiting do it yourself blood cleanup web sites. So long as they do not do it for pay, they can legally do so. This work remains a biohazard cleanup, nevertheless.

I always work safely by using extension pools, brooms, and other mechanical extensions for my hands and arms. If you have not yet thought of rope, twine, pliers, and an extension pools as anatomical extensions, blood cleanup will bring this important fact home. Last on this, it's important to clean like a tiny toddler will inspect your work my crawling across the floor. You know toddlers. If there's anyone that going to crawl on a dead person's floor it's a toddler.

We know that toddler place their tiny fingers in their mouths whenever they visit their grand parents's home, whether the old folks are dead or alive. That's what toddlers do daily and we must clean for them. Baby boomers need cleaning services too.









copyright 2005 eddie evans




Orange County coroner and public guardian employees send victims' families to blood cleanup crooks. In return these corrupt civil servants receive a kickback, money in return for your business. Otherwise, they own the biohazard cleanup company, and it's not "affordable." Beware of liens against your property. Beware of bait-and-switch prices.



Many folks believe that poop, human poop is a biohazard. The truth is that poop, feces, chacha, shit, turds, scat and the rest may qualify as infectious waste. According to the Centers for Disease control, human feces must have human blood in it before it can be called a biohazard. Therefore, human feces cleanup does not qualify as biohazard cleanup.

I once did an unattended death cleanup with significant decomposition, purification, on a very large couch. The decedent weighed over 300 pounds and remained down for 3 weeks during August. Many flies invaded the residence. Dog poop scattered throughout this very nice home remained otherwise without biological litter.

The descendant's son inherited the home; he, a recently returned soldier from Iraq and recently honorably discharged, wanted no part in his father's death cleanup. So he hired me for the biohazard cleanup and another biohazard cleanup company for the remainder of the job. The second company's employees entered just as I finished the job. Both walked around the house pointing to dog poop and called it "biohazard." Were they doing this out of ignorance, or because they had planned to invoice their work as "biohazard cleanup"? Perhaps both?

My point, when it comes to biohazards and infectious waste cleanup, a lot of ignorance and fraud permeate this niche cleaning field.


With that said, biohazard cleanup on homicides, suicides, unattended deaths would decomposition, and dramatic blood loss events sometimes have shit cleanup requirements. Since I do biohazard cleanup for residents and businesses, I know for a fact that it would be clean in bad faith to leave one or more infectious waste on a biohazard cleanup job. Whether or not I get paid for poop cleanup, does not come into the picture unless the poop cleanup requires that I go into a room that wasn't originally soiled by human blood.

Infectious waste from animals that include cats, dogs, mice, rats that litter the home I include in my services. In these cases I cannot do the poop cleanup for free. However, a responsible person wishes to pay me for doing a hoarding cleanup with poop cleanup or filthy house cleanup with feces cleanup, I will consider the offer with a discount.

Poop cleanup should not cost as much as biohazard cleanup. But feces cleanup can cost quite a bit given the conditions. Preferably, I would rather cleanup a biohazard scene with human blood anytime before doing a human poop cleanup job. In fact dog and cat shit cleanup are better to do then 's human feces cleanup jobs.


My Questions

Besides cleaning, more labor may be involved with special requests, sealing, and chasing effluents. Expect questions like these:

Who is the victim?

  • Who is the responsible party?
  • Where is the wound?
  • What type of weapon was used?
  • Where did this homicide, suicide, or    death occur?
  • How long was the deceased down?

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    Earlier I explained how dry, flaky blood may become airborne when it coagulates in large formations. The reality for us is that airborne biohazards will come by way of insects, bats, and more. Blood becoming airborne as an infectious material remains remote; just the same, we must honor blood cleanup protocols to remain safe and to protect our clients.

    The more well known of the airborne biohazards include anthrax, tuberculosis, and smallpox. Smallpox has a niche in Moscow and one in the Center for Disease Control, I believe. Keeping these pathogens remains a dubious and questionable proposition. Some people believe that humanity has no right to destroy them. Others believe that we must keep them in case they can tell us something about biohazards in the future.


    Bloodborne Pathogens

    Sadly, I must now include Ebola among bloodborne pathogens placing families and cleaners at risk. So long as it remained in Africa, it did not concern me. Not it does. I have started working on two ebola web sites, and From the web sites I hope to inform the public as this terrible biohazard makes its passage across our United State; I hope that it remains absent from our end of the world.

    So we know that bloodborne biohazards make us deadly sick. We know that just like Human Immunodeficiency (HIV) and Hepatitis C, human fluids place us at risk.

    These deadly viruses may enter our bodies by way of our eyes, throat, nose, and other orifices. These microscopic life forms have no self of concern; as a result their own demise has no consequence to them as long as they find a host, like us, to carry on their inherited genetic code.

    Viruses do not fit our definitions of "life," like bacteria and fungus.

    HIV remains a quiet passenger in our cells until something shocks it or otherwise innervates it. Then it begins to duplicate and pierce cell walls. From their it finds more cell walls to invade and carry out its genetic code's instructions.

    For ebola, I prefer not to claim any sort of knowledge because its so unknown. We must trust that it can take up to 3 weeks to show symptoms, at which time it become "viral," deadly. Prior to becoming viral, its host does not pass it on; once viral its host becomes one bleeding, breathing human biohazard:

    "Under ideal laboratory conditions HIV can remain infectious in dried blood and liquid blood for several weeks and HBV stays active for even longer." Health and Safety Executive

    For ebola, there's still much to learn.

    Keeping ourselves fit and healthy will ensure that we can give the best fight possible to ward off these deadly disease if and when they attack our bodies.


    Vector Biohazards

    Most of us live in well kept urban areas and suburban areas. So vectors remain under control; at least we do not worry about Haunta Virus so much.

    I continue to serve Orange County, and the rest of California's biohazard cleanup needs. In both San Diego County and Sacramento County I continue to receive calls for blood cleanup work. Riverside County rarely comes through with calls. Here's a hot San Bernardino infectious waste page. In this vain, I started a feces cleanup and poop cleanup web ring for this web site. Profits from the biohazard cleanup related web sites help to support my efforts to expose county government cronyism in the biohazard cleanup business.


    Infectious Waste Cleanup

    Creating and sustaining an affordable biohazard cleanup business for families victimized by corner and city racketeers in the homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup business cost me a lot of money. As a result, I've added infectious waste to my business repertoire, so to speak.

    So I've added a number of web sites to my poop cleanup, should cleanup, and feces cleanup efforts. I use these terms because they serve to help people find me. The more people that find may and use my feces cleanup services the more people in need of an affordable biohazard cleanup company find me. So it's a closed loop service dedicated to affordable biohazard cleanup for families in need of blood cleanup.

    Below and on pages found on this web site I have added the necessary infectious waste cleanup pages to help my effort in the battle against county and city employee corruption. so by using my infectious waste cleanup companies families help support those in need of affordable biohazard cleanup. I call this, "XYZ."

    So this is how an affordable biohazard cleanup web site becomes the site for feces cleanup.

    but there's more to this story than meets the eye. And it has to do with social logical events in our society and the passing of one generation to another. For one, it has to deal with the passing of baby boomers. Baby boomers as it turns out inherited their parents well in many cases. Now in many cases baby boomers like myself do not inherit much. Yes we did inherit an ability to find biohazard cleanup companies for death cleanup following our parents unattended deaths. Amenities biohazard cleanups were paid for by insurance companies. Baby boomer families Their wealth as a inherited as a result.

    now younger people may recall seeing literally hundreds of quarter million dollar recreational buses driving up and down her nation's highways in the last decade or two. These very expensive moving homes symbolize the wealth baby boomers inherited from their middle-class parents. Plus, many baby boomers generated income from careers in the military and working for the military-industrial complex, all of which paid decent retirements. Plus medical insurance follow them until their deaths.

    Because of all of this biohazard cleanup flourished. Families were no longer required to do their own blood cleanup following family members' deaths. that something else was going on during this period of time and that's what leads me to this new subject for this page and web site

    Feces cleanup became very important to baby boomers as their parents died. And now feces cleanup is becoming important to baby boomers themselves as they near death. This is because baby boomers are losing control, control of their poop. They're becoming incontinent. This means that what was once considered an infectious waste cleanup, not a biohazard cleanup as some biohazard cleanup companies tell their county directed prospects. I know because I've been told so by families encountering this experience.

    Incontinence strikes the once continent person with great shock. Where once they to go to work, run errands, play soccer, and sit quietly for prolonged periods of time, now they find themselves soiling their pants. Imagine sitting in a restaurant and suddenly soiling your pants. That's when consonance means to people when the changes are lifestyles.

    We call this fecal incontinence loose liquid or solid stool a truly lifestyle apocalypse. It creates great fear for those of us who must deal with it. I speak of myself because I'm an older male prostate issues. As a result of these prostate issues I must urinate about every 90 minutes at night. This creates a condition in which I do not sleep well at night or day. As a result I cannot think clearly. As a result I only have a few hours a day when my mind is clear enough to write.

    Urinary (or bladder) incontinence occurs when we least expect it or when its scheduled appearance arrives, as in my case. For some of us older men it means not controlling our urine from leaking, especially after urinating.

    In physiological terms, it means an inability to stop urine from leaking through the urethra. This tube carries urine from the bladder to your external environment. If you're in bed, then you pee in your bed, something that you had years of practice doing as a young guy.

    Then, in those early, days, we started out physiologically incapable of holding urine inside. We just a matter of maturation, our body growing. Later we would simply fail to wake up. For some of us, it was more than a matter of waking up it was a matter of getting up and being in a toilet. This learned behavior came slow for some, quicker for others.

    So this turns out as one of life's great lifestyle ironies. we experience incontinence in our early years and again in our later years. We should not complain if we've had good control over our ballots in earlier years.

    About 1% of our general population and 30% of people in nursing homes have fecal incontinence. In the United States, 1.5% of children have difficulty retaining stool; of every four children who have this problem, three are boys. People have trouble getting around – because Baker can find a better a wheelchair or because they require a walker or a cane – had the highest incidence of incontinence. Keeping Control, Understanding and Overcoming Fecal Incontinence - - Marvin M. Schuster, M.D., and Jacqueline Wehmueller




    Exit HERE: (Google - Yahoo! - Bing)


    California -

    Orange county press fails to cover important stories today because the press changed its coverage rule following presidential scandals. in their quest to cleanup politics reporters became addicted to scandal. Plague and pestilence threaten Aliso Viejo as well as Anaheim. Still, a scandal in the White House may easily replace an affordable biohazard cleanup in Brea hosts the wonderful Alpha Olynda landfill at 1942 Valencia. Buena Park . Then in Costa Mesa an affordable biohazard cleanup becomes more expensive because the press fails to follow coroner employee cronyism throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County. Dana Point, Fountain Valley, and could easily fall victim to a plague from overcrowding as happended in 1665 London. Garden Grove like Hutton Beach fall into this same plague category. Irvine Ebola for example La Habra could threaten a city like La Palma, which I reach by walking about500 yards east. Laguna Beach too remains overcrowded for diseases. Laguna Hills Laguna Niguel Laguna Woods Lake Forest Los Alamitos Mission Viejo Newport Beach Orange Placentia Rancho Santa Margarita San Clemente San Juan Capistrano Santa Ana Seal Beach Stanton Tustin Villa Park Westminster Yorba Linda Coto de Caza Cowan Heights El Modena Emerald Bay Ladera Ranch Lemon Heights Midway City Modeska Canyon
    Orange Park Acres Rancho Mission Viejo can see from these pages that I made a mistake by using too much design and building these web pages outside of an html editor. While in Red Hill reading about biohazards in Mission Viejo.I considered my Newport Beach affordable biohazard cleanup content. More errors were found on my Rossmoor page. My Silverado Canyon and Stanton Feces cleanup efforts lead to a Sunset Beach referral for more feces cleanup. Here a Trabuco Canyon job by cell phone lead to down time. Down time means more reading and thinking. Tustin similarly lead to down time which I used to catch up on Noam Chomsky. Tustin Foothills Villa Park

    You know Richard Nixon became the president first removed for scandalous conduct tape-recorded his oval office. Made public by Woodward and Bernstein, Yorba Linda continues to love the man.

    irrreducable complexity and the goal of science is to make nature intellegable. Gallelo could not explain nature with a mechanical model. Newton showed us that the world does not work like a machine or have occult forces andmanaging it. the moon illusion. a meaning bearing element. we do not identify dogs in terms of their physical characteristics.